Our team away days near Cardiff offer a unique and innovative way to break out of the office and recharge.

A bushcraft team building event lets you think, learn and develop a strong team spirit as you solve challenges together.

Activities include fire lighting techniques used throughout the ages, natural shelter building, campfire food, archery and more. Select one of our activity packages or we can provide a tailored package to meet your needs and budget.

How we can help you

Various studies have shown that being outdoors is good for us. It can help relieve stress, improve our physical and mental health and well-being and more. This makes an outdoor team activity great for employee well-being.

Our activities naturally lend themselves to team building and take place in a relaxed environment. This is perfect for building relationships and getting to know colleagues. Plus there’s the opportunity for a bit of friendly competition too!

Will your team survive in the wild and pass our bushcraft challenges?

Take a look at our activity packages and pricing, or drop us a line to check our availability.

  • Bushcraft Basecamp
  • Woodland archery
  • Flaming tinder bundle
  • Fire lighting - bow drill
  • Campfire snacks
  • Archery in the woods
  • Natural shelter building
  • Whittling tools from wood
  • Fire lighting using bow drill