We’ve put together three party packages so that you can choose to spend more time on the activities that interest you the most.

Bushcraft Basics

We’ll ease you back to nature gently, with a hot drink and a snack around the campfire. Then it’s time to get stuck in, learning the art of fire lighting through the ages – no matches or lighters in sight. We’ll use modern fire steels, have a go at using flint and steel, and also see if we can get a fire going with the bow drill (aka rubbing two sticks together) This is usually the part where good friends get competitive with each other!

Next up is a spot of whittling, the traditional skill of crafting tools from wood with a knife, which is relaxing and surprisingly addictive!

Lunch will, of course, be cooked on the open fire, after which we head into the woods for a shelter building competition.

And finally, you’ll be invited to take part in the bushtucker trials – if you dare! We’ve got lots of tempting drinks and ‘snacks’ for our guests, guaranteed to bring out screams and laughter!

Fire and flight!

On arrival we’ll gather round the campfire for a hot drink and snack whilst you settle in to our woodland setting.

Once kitted up, we’ll get you warmed up on the shooting range with an introduction to archery; then gather round the campfire to explore the basics of fire lighting and to prepare lunch.

After a relaxing lunch we’ll head back out to the shooting range for a bit of friendly competition with our archery challenges to see who’s on target. To finish, we’ll gather round the campfire for a cuppa and to celebrate our shooting success.

Campfire Foodies

There’s so much more to campfire cooking than beef burgers and baked beans!

We’ll spend the day learning more about cooking outdoors, working as a team to prepare a three course campfire lunch. We’ll also take time to explore the basics of fire lighting, foraging and whittling, and best of all – you get to eat your three course lunch too!

Food and foraging will depend on what’s in season and your dietary requirements, but could include making nettle tea, making and cooking bread, preparing and cooking a fish on a stick, or making a delicious campfire soup or risotto.

Bushcraft and Beer!

We’ve teamed up with Bang-On Brewery, a Bridgend-based craft beer brewery, to bring to you a unique event: Bang-On Bushcraft!

You’ll have either a 3.5 hour Bushcraft Basics or Fire and Flight event with us, then head on to the brewery which is only a short drive away.

You’ll be taken on a tour where you’ll find out more about how the brewery come up with and produce their unique Real Ales before sampling a selection of beers in the brewery’s on-site bar (or a couple of bottles to take away and soft drinks will be provided for designated drivers)

This brings the event to a close, but you can carry on the party at the brewery’s bar or stock up on Real Ales to carry on the party at home!

  • Making fire using the bow drill
  • Archery in the woods
  • Whittling
  • Making natural shelters
  • Kelly kettle challenge
  • Campfire risotto with foraged greens